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Monday, November 24, 2008

bonding over hot chocolate

this mother-daughter stuff is hard! you'd think after 18 years I'd get the hang of it. you'd be wrong.

had a knock-down drag-out with Becca this weekend. no need to go into the details, all you need to know is that she's 16, i.e., she's supposed to fight with her mother.

well, the fight was over Saturday. sunday morning she went out to breakfast with the boyfriend. I picked her up at his house afterwards and drove her to her best friend's house so that the two girls could work on their English project.

but before we went to the girl's house, she said we had to go to Starbucks for some peppermint hot chocolate. she and I are the only two people in our house who like peppermint hot chocolate. I guess that was her way of reaffirming her bond with me.

FYI I love the comic strip Zits. they really have teenagers pegged. (if you can't see the whole strip, click on it to enlarge)


Christina said...

Zits came out just as my oldest hit the teen years. One particular Sunday strip holds a place of honor on my refrigerator. "Teach a teen to make his own food and your kitchen will be a mess forever." Classic. I would go to bed at night with a sparkling clean kitchen and wake up to disaster as the night owl muncher would feed himself while I was asleep.

I am gearing up for boy #2 to hit that stage very soon. Sigh....

songbird's crazy world said...

my girls are 18 and 16...Zits hits the nail on the head all too often.

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