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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

tagged again

grandy had once again tagged everyone.

this time we must all tell 7 things about ourselves in high school.

so here goes:

1. When you say "high school" I say "which one?" because our district had two high schools, and I attended both. In those days, high school was grades 10-12 (9th graders were in junior high). In all the years I'd lived in our town, the school district had only one high school, and when you said "the high school" everyone knew what you meant. but when I was in 9th grade, the district built a second building, about a mile away from the high school, and told us that "the high school" would now be called "High School east" and the new building would be called "High School West." 1oth graders would attend West and upperclassmen would attend East. Wehn I started at West, we were stumbling over construction crews on our way to class. (I still live in the same town, and now both high schools are full, 4- year schools).

2. Senior year, my locker was behind the west gym. theat was a real no-man's-land. teachers were terrified of that hallway and avoided it like the plague. back then kids were allowed to smoke [cigarettes] on school grounds, but not inside the building, but in the cold weather the kids would cluster around the doorways in no-man's-land. every time I went to my locker I could either hold my breath or get a contact high.

3. I was too geeky to even think about playing sports. I joined the drama club, the school newspaper, the creative writing club, Spanish club and some service organization called Helping Hands. My best time in drama club was in 10th grade, playing Aunt Eller in "Oklahoma!". Didn't have another speaking part until I did that Woody Allen play in college, when I played a Jewish American Princess (talk about type casting!). It's hard to play a lead in the spring musical when you can't really sing.

4. I still have the button from I bought at Homecoming during my senior year. It's red and white, has the school mascot (a thunderbird) and says "class of '78". that was the only football game I went to in 3 years of high school. the only reasn I went was because I was part of the senior class Homecoming presentation.

5. senior year, I drove my mom's 72 buick electra to school. the only thing mom asked in exchange was that I also drive my younger sister to school -- but she went to the other high school. by the time I'd get to my school, there'd be no place to park and I'd wind up parking at the public library across the street.

6. I took a class in computer science. the computer took up an entire room, and we talked to it on terminals using a language called "basic". and the comouter would respond by typing its answer on rolls of paper. little did I realize back then what computers would be able to do now!

7. I met my first real boyfriend while I was in high school. Scott was a college man with a car of his own, and we dated all throughout my senior year. Except for that brief rah-rah thing at Homecoming, I thought I was "too cool" for high school and couldn't wait to get to college. didnt' even go to the prom. Scott took me to the mvoies instead.

I'm kind of clos to my high shcool memories because I still live in the same town. My older daughter Jen just graduated from High School west and my younger daughter Becca is a student there. Becca took my old high school yearbooks to school one day last year to share with her sociology teacher. He couldn't believe that some of the teachers in my old yearbooks were still teaching in the school!


Christina said...

Oh, there are still teachers at Bishop's too!! I was class of '83 so not that much younger and it's cracking me up that some of my young son's peers who are now attending the school have my old teachers :-)

Ah, first computer class for me was freshman year at UCSD in early 1984 on those enormous mainframe computers learning Pascal. Apparently in supreme computer geek circles, that class and textbook are legendary. Who knew? I probably burned the damn book after wards!

Joyce-Anne said...

Ah, the good ol' days...not really. I was smart and did well in school and participated in 2 choirs. But, when push comes to shove, I have no desire to even attend a HS reunion. Honestly, my friends were either a year older or a year younger than I'll go to those reunions just not my own.

Suzanne said...

I know about geeky and not athletic. However, there were so few girls for our swim team that when I was on it my senior year, I actually placed more than once!

Grandy said... confused me with the first one but I think I caught up. ;)

Good job with the meme. Thanks for playing along.

Aunt Eller is a great role to play too.

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