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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


At least two of them, possibly more.

Memo to the NYCTA: you need better pest control at the 34th Street Subway Station.


the 34th Street Station has two tracks headed uptown and two headed downtown, separated by a platform for A train riders. E train riders have platforms on either side of the station. so when you're waiting for the E train, you look across the tracks to passengers waiting for the A train looking back at you.

I was standing on the platform waiting for the E train this morning, when what should I happen to spot crawling around on the tracks but....a baby rat. It was it was slender and lithe and almost...cute. It scurried about for a few minutes, then headed uptown.

a few minutes later I spotted its older brother. Not so cute.It, too, scurried about the tracks for a few minutes, then headed downtown. then the A train pulled in on the opposite track, and I lost sight of older brother....and saw him again (or possibly a third member of the family) a few minutes later, when the A train pulled out.

At least this time the rats stayed on the tracks.

a few weeks ago I was standing on the E train platform and saw a rat on the A train platform! He was sitting right under a sign, you know the one -- it has a picture of a rat and a warning about rat poison on the tracks.

And I swear he was grinning.

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