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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nelson DeMille's "the GateHouse"

it's his latest book, a sequel to "The Gold Coast".

I've read every novel he's written under his real name (he wrote a few under a pen name but they're out of print).

My favorites are the stories set in NYC and Long island, with sarcastic leading men and lots of local color. for some reason those stories ring true for me.


Suzanne said...

Can't wait to get that out of the library! I'm a big fan of the John Corey books, though Charm School still has a special place for me, since Dad gave me his copy a few months before he died.

Suzanne said...

Forgot to mention-try eBay for the out of print books. I had some luck with some paperbacks there last year.

songbird's crazy world said...

LOL I am a luddite when it comes to eBay.

the'rents are reading "Gold Coast" right now.

songbird's crazy world said...
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