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Thursday, November 8, 2018

another this and that

Well, the bloom is definitely off the rose...I still like working in NYC, but the commute is killing me...

Especially the subway station at 34th Street.  It's undergoing renovations, it's partialy inaccessible, and it's way overcrowded.  someone is going to get hurt.

Although I am looking forward to the holiday season.  NYC at Christmastime is magical.  Though I think I may suggest that our annual pilgrimage to Rockefeller Center take place on a weeknight...the weekend crowds are horrific.  Drew can meet me in the city one night after work, we can see the tree and the store windows, grab a bite to eat...

We'll have to go early in the month, though, if we want a chance to see the giant menorah all lit up. Chanukah comes early this year, the first night is December 2.

Interesting, isn’t it, how many religions have holidays this sntime of year, holidays that focus on light during the darkest days of the year.

Last weekend we went out to dinner with out-of-town friends, people Drew has known for 45 years.  Yes, we are old...

This weeekend (a 3 day weekend!) we have plans with a group of local friends.  Three of them celebrate ae birthdays this time of year, and we thought it would be nice for all of us to go out and celebrate. 

Speaking of daughter spent hers on a beach in the Caribbean.  I hope she's having fun.

Drew and I are planning a vacation in March, to Central Florida.   A friend bought a townhouse not too far from Disney World, and when he's not using it as a snowbird, he rents it out as an Airbnb.  We get the "friends and family" rate, meaning we just have to cover his costs.  We'll be staying for 9days/8 nights.  We're planning 5 days at Disney -- we haven't been since 2011.  We've got friends who live outside Tampa, so we're planning to spend time with them.  Drew wants to go to Tarpon Springs, he reallly enjoyed a Greek restaurant there.  I'm not sure we'll make it over to Universal Studios, but we were there just two years ago. 

Life is short...we have to enjoy it while we can.


Liz A. said...

"Interesting, isn’t it, how many religions have holidays this time of year..."
Ah, but that's by design. Who knows where Yule came from? But we do know that Christmas was the Christian church's attempt at usurping it.

songbird's crazy world said...

True, but we also have Chanukah and Diwali....

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