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Monday, March 13, 2017

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Yesterday was the Jewish holiday of Purim, a minor holiday commemorating the Biblical Queen Esther's victory over the evil Haman, thus saving the lives of the Jews of Persia.  It's sort of like a Jewish Halloween, or maybe it's closer to Mardi Gras/Carnival -- dressing up in costume, feasting, pageantry, etc.  Its a minor holiday, but it is a reminder to us to start preparing for a major holiday -- Passover -- and all that spring cleaning that needs to be done before the holiday.

Today is also the holiday of Holi,celebrated in India, which is a spring festival, or so I am told.  One of the women in my political action group has been posting about her family's plans for the holiday.  It sounds interesting.

A little bit of irony, the idea that spring is coming, given that we are under a blizzard watch tonight and tomorrow.   Seriously,one week before the vernal equinox and we are expecting more snow than we've seen all winter.  forecast around here calls for 12" to 18".  I'm planning to hunker down at Drew's house.

I am hoping that Becca will be OK.  The Princess and the Superhero are planning to fly to Jamaica the day after tomorrow, to spend five days sitting on a tropical beach...assuming JFK is up and running after the storm.

Last night I drove both of them back to their respective apartments in Manhattan.  Becca lives in Hell's Kitchen, on West 43rd.  The boyfriend lives in Murray Hill, Lexington and 34th Street, right near the Midtown Tunnel.  Very convenient.

Lots of construction around the Midtown Tunnel last night -- they're eliminating toll booths, going to a cashless toll system, so there are serious traffic tie-ups.  After I dropped Becca off, I decided to take  the 59th Street Bridge home.  It's been a long time since I've taken that bridge, I forgot how beautiful the skyline looks from that perspective.

Yeah, NYC. Lots to do there.  Four zoos, an aquarium, countless museums and historical sites, Broadway, baseball.... Not a bad place to spend time during our staycation.

If summer ever gets here, that is.


peppylady (Dora) said...

I always fine it interesting when you post about the Jewish Faith. I never thought of any queen in the Jewish believes. But why not they had plenty of kings.
Coffee is on

songbird's crazy world said...

Oh, yes, there were queens in the Bible. Esther was a Jewish girl living in Persia, and was selected to marry the King. The King didn't know she was Jewish. The King's adviser, Haman, wanted to kill all the Jews of Persia, but Esther prevailed upon her husband to save their lives. As the joke goes: "Definition of a Jewish holiday -- they tried to kill us, we won, let's eat." You can read more about Esther here:

bookworm said...

That old chestnut about the definition of a Jewish holiday brought such a smile to me. I used to bake hamantaschen when I was in college but I have not celebrated Purim in many years. Now, Passover, that's another story...Alana

Liz A. said...

You'll get your summer. We all will. And we'll wish for the cooler days when we wondered if summer would ever get here.

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