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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Kong:Skull Island

You may recall that when Drew and I visited Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure in November, we made sure to ride the new King Kong ride.  Yes, they were so confident that Kong: Skull Island would be a box office hit that they built and opened the ride long before the movie was released.

They were right.  The new King Kong movie opened this past weekend, and was #1 at the box office.

Drew and I saw the movie Saturday afternoon.

The movie is set in 1973. The premise, this time around, is that Skull Island is uncharted  territory because it is constantly surrounded by nearly impenetrable storms.  A semi-crazy scientist has seen satellite photos of the island, and wants to lead an expedition to the island.  He travels to Saigon to build his team -- soldiers who were about to be sent home because the war is over, a photojournalist and an experienced "tracker".    When they arrive on the island, the encounter Kong  -- a 100 foot tall ape with near-human intelligence.   the team must travel across the island to a rendezvous point in three days, or they will be stranded on the island forever.

It's formulaic, you pretty much know who will die and who will survive, but it's well-written.  The visual effects (we saw it in IMAX 3D) are incredible.  I loved the 1973 soundtrack -- very good use of CCR's "Run Through the Jungle".

And do make sure to stay in your seat until after the credits roll -- there's a bonus scene.

Yes, a fun movie, worth seeing.


bookworm said...

I'll watch for it, probably when it is streamed on either Netflix or Amazon Prime. My husband is a huge CCR fan. Alana

Liz A. said...

Glad you enjoyed it.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Gee I'm still trying to get my client down to see Logan.
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