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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Another this and that

So my friend L, the one who has been dealing with serious complications of diabetes, had her surgery.  She's in a rehab facility now, and making great progress towards recovery.  More importantly, her mental state has improved.  Having survived the worst of it, she's now mentally able to look to a future.  I'll try to go see her soon.

Some sad news from Jen.  Or rather, from Jen's college roommate, S.  S lost her father, he died unexpectedly at the beginning of the month.  Jen drove up to Connecticut on Thursday to spend a few days with S.  I can imagine the pain S is feeling now, to lose a parent at 26 must be terribly hard.

Last night's episode of  Grimm made me cry.  It dealt with dementia in the elderly.  Having dealt with my late father's dementia, and now seeing it claim my mother ... it hit close to home.

Drew and I are probably not going to take a vacation this year.  Too many unexpected expenses.  My dental work is costing a fortune, dental insurance pays only a portion.  Drew may have to go to Philadelphia to see a specialist that his doctor recommended, and we don't know how much of that will be covered by his health insurance.  So a "staycation" is in our future this year, though I will probably go to Philly with him, and of course we'd do a little's been years since either of us went to Philly.

So the other night, just before midnight, Becca sent me a text message.  "I preordered the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, and it just downloaded.  Guess who's not sleeping tonight?"  Yes, I raised a real Disney Princess, didn't I?

In fact, that's what she calls herself in her Twitter profile.

Even funnier, her boyfriend doesn't use his real name on Facebook -- in his profile, he uses a superhero's alter ego.

A Princess and a superhero.  Quite a pair those two are.


bookworm said...

I would chafe if I had a year with a staycation, but since you live on Long Island, it may not be as bad a thing as it might be where I live in Borington...I mean, Binghamton. Philly is a fun place, but I haven't been there since around 2002. I would love to go back again one day. Alana

Liz A. said...

He uses a different name? Well, I guess that keeps his "friends" as people he knows IRL. That's probably smart.

songbird's crazy world said...

Liz, a lot of my daughters' friends started their Facebook accounts in high school, and their parents didn't want them using their full names, so many of the girls are on line using their middle name in place of their surname. Becca's boyfriend has the same first name as the superhero whose name he borrowed.

peppylady (Dora) said...

I lost my dad at 17 and my mom at 40. But what I understand young people isn't in to facebook as much.
Coffee is on

songbird's crazy world said...

True, Dora. My two, now in their 20's, use Snapchat more that Facebook or Twitter

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