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Friday, March 24, 2017

More Jones Beach

Ah, digital photography.  Take as many photos as you can, examine them immediately, delete the ones you don't like.  You don't even need a camera, just use the one in your phone.

And thus, we have all become photojournalists, documenting all aspects of our lives.

I went back to Jones Beach for another walk.  And once again, I played with my iPad.

Surf was a bit wild this time.

But the birds seemed to enjoy it.

Did the entire 4 miles again.  More ships out on the ocean, more low-flying planes, and lots of birds.

Admiring the architecture -- the original park buildings date back to 1929.  This is the Water Tower:

And the West Bathhouse.

This shack is where they rent beach chairs and umbrellas.  The second one, in the distance, is for life guards.

Notice the nautical theme.  And here's a trash can....

The idea was to make the boardwalk feel like the deck of a ship.

More birds.

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