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Monday, March 20, 2017

Jones Beach health walk

Guess where I was?

Better shot:  

 photo 28906fa2-e920-47a2-883c-68e3b264a287.png

Yes, that's an aerial view of the famed Jones Beach,  I had my iPad with me, and my "Find My iPhone" app is set to "satellite view".  That blue dot at the  right side of the screen was my iPad, at Field 6, the easternmost parking lot in the park.  If you look towards the left side of the screen, you will see a parking lot just before the tip of the island.  That's Field 1, the westernmost lot in the park.  The boardwalk runs from Field 6 all the way to Field 1, a distance of two miles.

I know it's two miles, because The Powers That Be have marked out a health walk along the boardwalk.

You walk from Field 6, past the East Bathhouse, Central Mall, and the West Bathhouse, where you see the one mile marker:

You continue walking until you get to Field 1, where you find this sign:

Then you turn around and walk back to Field 6.

I was reluctant to go, I was concerned about the recent snowfall.  I need not have been concerned, there wasn't much snow around.  But if you're curious, this is what snow looks like on beach sand.

On a cold winter day, you're likely to see things that you might not notice during the summer -- birds (gulls, terns, geese, pigeons), ships off the coast (headed towards New York Harbor), airplanes (the beach is on the flight path to JFK).

Found a few scofflaws:

I guess gulls don't know how to read.  But they do keep watch.

The sea has penetrated into the dunes.

The view of the famed Jones Beach Water Tower from field 1, about a mile and ahalf away.

Great walk.

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Liz A. said...

Snow on the beach. Thanks for that image. Something I'll never see around here.

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