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Friday, December 18, 2015

eldercare update

Marvin is in the hospital again.  He's going to be there a few days, but he'll be fine.  Overall he's been doing well at the nursing home.  Drew went shopping right after Thanksgiving, bought him some warm clothes.  Moving him out of Shelley's house was absolutely the right decision.

Shelley is still not talking to either of us.  I think Drew kind of missed going to her union's holiday party this year.    From what I  hear from mutual friends, she hasn't had an easy time of things these last few months.  But she hasn't visited Marvin since June or July, I think.  It's so sad.

A mutual friend posted on Shelley's Facebook, asking her to join all of s for New Year's Eve.  I know she won't.  Sigh.

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