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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

And I'm not alone

This article says it all. 

Holistic or horrifying? Not everyone loves Weight Watchers’ new program.

Well, actually, Foster claims, it has been a perk for lots of people. “One of the things we’re hearing anecdotally is, ‘Boy, this is really great; usually I would have gained weight during the holidays, but now I’m actually losing,’ ” he says.
The launch wasn’t aimed at holiday indulgence, he says; it was about bracing for the inevitable New Year’s wave of determined new dieters.
“We wanted to give our current members this short period of transition before there’s a lot of new people coming in January,” he said. “That way, when new folks come in, they can lean on the people who have already, in a few weeks, mastered the plan.”
Well, it might take more than a few weeks.


bookworm said...

I'm sorry to say, I am going to quit Weight Watchers, too. Points Plus was a success for me. I will keep following the program, but no more app. I say "don't mess with success". I lost 44 pounds between November of 2012 and October of 2013, and kept all but 5 of those pounds off. I went through problems with the app (even before the latest reboot, which won't even work on my iPhone 4S). I used to attend WW at Work but they didn't have enough participation at my workplace, and dumped us. And, psychologically, when I see my breakfast go through the roof pointwise (like yours did)...well, goodbye. Thank you for reminding me that I have to cancel my subscription.

Suzanne said...

Ed and I planned to join WW soon, but having Oprah as the pitch woman is HUGE turnoff (cannot STAND that woman at all!). Then factor in this new program? It doesn't sound like a good fit for us at all.

Crappy thing is that the other options aren't any better.

songbird's crazy world said...

Like I said, I'm going with My Fitness Pal. Because it gives me all sorts of feedback. I'm at Drew's house this week, and he's been cooking for me. And his menu has been too high in fat, I'm within my calorie budget but not where I should be nutritionally. I'll have to correct that. And maybe I can get him to start eating healthier, too.

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