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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Big Trees, Broadway and The Beatles, part 1

Last week we rode into the city with the Santacon people, we  saw Something Rotten and had dinner in Chinatown.  This week, we had tickets for Noise Off, and decided we'd do our annual Christmas windows viewing before the show. 

As always, we started with Macy's.  The 34th Street windows, as usual, featured Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus. The Herald Square windows featured a salute to A Charlie Brown Christmas.

 photo AMBA0046.jpg photo AMBA0049.jpg photo AMBA0050.jpg photo AMBA0053.jpg photo AMBA0057.jpg photo AMBA0065.jpg

Lord and  Taylor had a "sweet shop" theme. And an all-white clock.

 photo AMBA0072.jpg photo AMBA0076.jpg photo AMBA0078.jpg

Grabbed a hot dog from a street vendor, then on to the library and Bryant Park.

 photo AMBA0089.jpg

Saw some interesting shops in the park. This little item was so cute:

 photo AMBA0091.jpg

Yes, a 3 foot tall Dalek. Yours for only $8,000. 

 photo AMBA0092.jpg photo AMBA0093.jpg

We also stopped by No Chewing Allowed -- they sell French truffles so smooth that you can just let it melt in your mouth.

Then it was on to Saks. Their theme this year involved winterized versions of the wonders of the world -- the Sphinx, the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal. 
   photo AMBA0107.jpg photo AMBA0108.jpg photo AMBA0109.jpg photo AMBA0113.jpg

You can see the Rockefeller Christmas tree across the street.

 photo AMBA0103.jpg

After dark, Saks does a light show. Usually I watch it from across the street, but this year we saw it from the sidewalk in front of Saks. Weird angle.  

On to Barneys. They did ice castles. And had a guy in the window demonstrating ice carving.  

   photo AMBA0122.jpg photo AMBA0125.jpg photo AMBA0126.jpg photo AMBA0127.jpg

Of course the snowflake hangs over 5th Avenue. 

 photo AMBA0163.jpg

Next it was on to Bergdorf Goodman. Their windows are called "Brilliant" and were done in partnership with Swarovski. I think these were my favorites.

 photo AMBA0136.jpg photo AMBA0137.jpg photo AMBA0140.jpg photo AMBA0143.jpg photo AMBA0147.jpg photo AMBA0153.jpg

And finally, down to Rockefeller Center, and the big tree.  

 photo ead04254-7ab9-4b1c-8904-3f75dd66418a.jpg photo AMBA0172.jpg


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