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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Another ride around the neighborhood

A few more interesting houses.

 photo 7991494A-D0B1-4F79-B830-C82D9261B957.jpg photo 7E38A14A-9A13-4F64-B2A0-1D5F6214D32C.jpg photo E712D0D0-780E-4B41-8BE2-7D54ABD20F30.jpg

Did you see the hologram in the upstairs window?  An interesting visitor!

 photo 6AFC1667-7CCD-4E1F-B24E-88050EE9CD6E.jpg photo A02598C4-6A69-4AFE-8C2C-659975CD6596.jpg

And last but not least: Minions!

 photo 0EE8E183-CC70-4DBA-B22C-92A0B1DA1747.jpg

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