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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Makng Strides Against Breast Cancer -- In October We Wear Pink

So my original plan was to participate in the Eastern Long Island Walk at Dowling College and work as a volunteer at the Jones Beach Walk.

Didn't turn out that way. 

The day of the walk at Dowling College was gray, rainy and miserable.  I hadn't done any fundraising.  And I just couldn't bring myself to go.

And while I sent in an application to work in the registration tent, as I did last year, I never got a response. 

I've been walking at Jones Beach, on and off, for months now.  So I decided I'd do the walk at the Making Strides event.

The forecast called for unseasonably cold but clear and dry weather.  Since I absolutely had to wear my new pink hoodie, I made sure to wear several layers under it to stay warm.  When I got to the beach around 8:15 or so,  parking field 5  was already full, and everyone was being directed to park at field 6 or field 4.  I opted for field 4, and then had to walk back to field 5 to  visit the registration tent, the survivor's tent, etc.  I got an apple, a bottle of water and a free sample of Tom's deodorant.  At the Survivor's tent I got a necklace and a t-shirt identifying me as a 10-year cancer survivor.  Some of the other tents were giving out tote bags, but I didn't bother. 

It's a 5K walk.  You start at field 5, turn west towards field 4 and keep walking until you reach the tribute fence.  Then you turn around and walk back to field 5.  Or in my case, the walk was over when I got back to field 4. 

55,000 people can really fill up a boardwalk.

So many fabulous people in pink wigs, boas, etc.  My favorite team of the day was the group wearing pink tutus and pink fairy wings.  Couldn't get my camera out fast enough to take a picture.  And I loved the guy in the pink gorilla suit. 

The walk really did me in.  I was sore the whole rest of the day, and the next day as well.  I'd been training for the walk all summer, but because of the circumstances of my life I'd done no walking at all for two weeks prior to the event.


 photo AMBA0004.jpg 

The Survivor's tent:  

 photo AMBA0007.jpg

The Walk begins here:   

 photo AMBA0010.jpg

Beautiful day for a walk:     

   photo AMBA0013.jpg photo AMBA0018.jpg


 photo AMBA0020.jpg photo AMBA0021.jpg photo AMBA0024.jpg photo AMBA0026.jpg

The pink gorilla:    

  photo AMBA0030.jpg

Real men wear pink:

      photo AMBA0036.jpg

The Jones Beach water tower:      

 photo AMBA0040.jpg

This year's "survivor" t shirt:   

 photo AMBA0041.jpg

My previous walks:

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