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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Product review: Bumble Bee Snack on the Run Classic Hummus

I've written before about my love of Greek and Middle Eastern foods.  Words like "falafel", "pita", "tsatziki" and "souvlaki" excite my taste buds.  And yes, I am a huge fan of "hummus", a classic spread made from chick peas. 

I was in the canned goods aisle, picking up some Bumble Bee tuna (I like their singe serve tuna  salad and cracker combo), when I spotted this:

Hummus in a can?  That doesn't need refrigeration?  That's as portable as the single serve tuna salad?

I guess it's worth a try.

So I bought it.

It's...ok.  Not great, but a decent snack.  The texture of the hummus is a bit runny, and it could use a little more garlic.  The wheat crackers, the same crackers used in other Bumble Bee snacks, are ok, too -- a bit hard, a bit bland.  I'd prefer a toasted pita chip. 

My biggest issue was the ratio of hummus to cracker.  I put what I consider a normal amount of hummus on each cracker, and found myself with leftover hummus after all the crackers were gone. 

There are much better brands of hummus out there.  But for convenience, this is a decent tasting hummus and a healthy snack.  I will probably buy it again.

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