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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wild Garden Hummus

Vegetarian.   Kosher.  Shelf stable.

It's Wild Garden hummus.

I'd never heard of Wild Garden until I spotted a Snack Pack To Go in the supermarket.

Had to try it, of course.  I bought two varieties, traditional hummus with pita chips and traditional hummus with veggie chips.

When you open the box you find a bag of chips and a tube ... yes, a squeeze tube ... of hummus. Both containers are very portable and easy to open.

The pita chips were crisp and flavorful.  But then, it's easy to do chips.

The hummus?  A thick paste, thicker than traditional refrigerated brands.  A bit bland, could have used more garlic.

It's shelf stable, but must be refrigerated after opening.

You squeeze a ribbon of hummus onto a chip and you're all set.  I ran out of hummus before I ran out of chips, which was disappointing.

Overall it was a satisfying snack in convenient packaging.  Certainly worth buying again.

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