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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This and that

Jen is still having drama from the j.v. coach. She's hoping to replace her next year with someone who will respect her authority as varsity coach and present a unified front to the team.

Becca is enjoying Italy. She loves the food, the art, the romance, and did I mention the food?

I thought the roommate wars were over, but apparently instead of lasting peace, Drew and Marc merely had a truce. The cease-fire ended the other night. It has not been pretty. As in, I made jokes about Drew needing a body bag and a bucket of bleach and a mop to clean up the mess.

The situation with Drew's sister and their uncle is deteriorating as well. Last Saturday there was a crisis of sorts, the police actually stopped by the house to make sure the uncle was ok.

Nerves are frazzled in this crazy, mixed up family too. But we're coping.

But it's summertime, the weather has improved, and I'm looking forward to lots of fun times.

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Suzanne said...

Oy, been where you are and it is no picnic. Hope things improve on all fronts soon.

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