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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Flaming Grill And Supreme Buffet

I first heard about this buffet in a blog that I follow. Drew heard about it from a friend who lives in the neighborhood. So when we got coupons, we decided to give it a try.

Located in a strip mall, this is a very large and busy buffet. We had to wait on line to pay (you pay for your meal before you are seated), another line at the hostess station to get a number, and an additional wait until our number was called and we were ushered to our table.

I must say that there is a wide variety of food, though a much larger assortment of American dishes and fewer Asian dishes than I've found in similar restaurants.

Overall the food was good for the price point, similar to what I've had at other buffets. A decent assortment on the sushi bar, with spicy mayo that had just the right kick.

Fried chicken wings were nicely done. Buffalo wings were sweet and mild, a bit disappointing because I was expecting a bit of spice. Fried shrimp were nice, egg roll was a bit bland. I tried both the fried rice and the hibachi rice, and much prefer the latter, as it was closer to what you might find at a teppanyaki restaurant. Didn't care for the pepper steak. Heard the dumplings were good, but never found them. Drew liked the dish he had prepared at the hibachi station, though he did complain the steak was a bit tough.

Dessert was ok. I don't know where they get their cream puffs, but the cream inside is not sweet. The flan was excellent. Chocolate layer cake was ok. Fruit was fresh, but the cherries a bit on the tart side.

Overall, a decent experience, and I'd eat there again if I find myself in Baldwin, but this is not about to become one of our destinationrestaurants

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