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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ipsy bag update

Decided to give the eyeliner to Becca. She loves makeup and thinks a trip to Sephora is like a ticket to paradise. She loves the eyeliner.

I read on a message board that the mascara had a foul odor. Opened it and didn't initially smell anything. But as soon as I brought the wand closer to my face . . . Ugh. By contrast, my Maybelline Great Lash is odor free. Not sure I am brave enough to try Bombshell.

The beach spray, however, had a sweet smell, sort of like coconuts, or tanning lotion. And it did the job, created waves in my hair.

The Butter Gloss -- that lovely color is called Apple Strudel -- feels like lip balm but looks like gloss. Smooth. Nice. Pretty.

And I already mentioned how I like Forever Paris. Pleasant scent.

Three out of five pleased me. One pleased my daughter. Only one dislike. Guess I did well.

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