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Monday, June 16, 2014

reveling in 21st century technology

Becca has been away from home, enjoying a vacation in Italy.  The cost of a phone call is ... well, you really don't want to know.  But with free WiFi in her hotel, and apps like What's App and FaceTime, we've been able to keep in touch, and I know she's had a wonderful trip.

I don't own a printer/scanner right now, so today I went into OfficeMax and had them scan a document to my flash drive so that I could upload it to my laptop and email it.  Email has taken the place of old fashioned letters sent through the US Post office.

Even nostalgia...yesterday I was listening to Casey Kasem on satellite radio.  Although I was mourning the death of shared cultural experiences, I was able to indulge in nostalgia on a modern convenience....while Googling on y iPad for information about American Top 40.  And laughing at my own folly.

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Suzanne said...

What's App came in very handy when coordinating with people we'd met before the cruise. They'd traveled from Australia and the UK, and we picked them up from their dinner locale to go to a show in downtown Miami.

If not for it we would have been wandering Bayside Marketplace for hours!

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