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Sunday, June 15, 2014

NYC on a Saturday night

Another wonderful evening in the city. We had tickets to "The Book of Mormon".

Lots of activity on the streets of the Theater District. Tourists. Cartoon characters (the usual Mickey and Minnie, Mario, minions, superheroes). The Statue of Liberty. The Naked Cowboy and several female imitators. Some Vegas-style showgirls wearing feathered headdresses, lots of body paint and very little else. Street musicians. Street vendors.

And as an additional surprise, a real street fair, with the usual funnel cake, Italian sausage, gyros, arepas . . .

We had dinner in the Brooklyn Diner. We usually go with burgers here, but this time we had pastrami. Excellent. Small problem -- our waiter apparently had better things to do, but the rest of the staff picked up the slack.

And then the show. Drew won the tickets in an auction, so we didn't get to choose our seats. We usually prefer the orchestra, but we wound up in front row mezzanine. Great seats.

The show is irreverent, raunchy and wickedly funny. How could it not be, with all those "South Park" writers as its creators? My favorite moments? When Price dreams he's in Orlando and you can see the EPCOT ball and Cinderella's Castle. (One of the writers also did a lot of work for Disney.). And when Arnold is making things up again, and you see Hobbits and Darth Vader and Yoda and Lt. Uhura from "Star Trek".

Afterwards we got a backstage tour. Saw the costume shops and quick change areas, the pit, and, if course, the stage.

Yet another wonderful evening in that wonderful city.

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