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Thursday, February 13, 2014

There are places I remember...

Hicksville Road (route 107) and Hempstead Turnpike (route 24) in Bethpage.  I drive through this intersection all the time, as I travel to and from Drew's house.  Typical Hempstead Turnpike intersection -- Jiffy Lube is there, Mavis Tire, stores.  It barely registers... different it was in the mid 1960's.

We were living in East Meadow then, and a trip to Jolly Roger's was always fun. 

I always thought "Jolly Roger" was the name of the entire complex, but in truth that was just the name of the fast food restaurant.  Next door to the restaurant was an amusement park known as Smiley's Happyland.  It was owned by the same guy who owned the more-famous Nunley's in Baldwin, but was much larger, and had indoor as well as outdoor attractions, so it could stay open year-round.  As I recall, the rides were geared for younger children.  I was probably about 8 when we stopped going -- we moved away in 1968.

We'd go for dinner, and after we ate, my sister and I could ride some of the rides.  Somewhere we have boxes of movie film and slides of my sister and me on the rides.  

Can't find my own pictures and video, but through the wonders of Youtube, I can relive my memories.


Suzanne said...

With the big Pergament across the street and the Arby's at the next light east. Memories. :)

songbird's crazy world said...

Yes, good memories.

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