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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

birthday celebration

So my birthday is the day after my dad's.  The family joke is that I, his firstborn, was a birthday present.

Started the day driving in yet another snowstorm.  I am really hating this winter weather.

Drew and I had appointments with his accountant, we each got our taxes done.  I've been doing my own taxes up until now, but I had a lot of questions, and it was worth the fee to have someone who presumably knows what he's doing help me out.  And yes, I got a refund.  So did Drew.

We stopped for lunch on the way back to Drew's house.  Nothing fancy, just hot dogs from Nathan's. It's a classic, hot dogs with choice of toppings, crinkle cut fries. Always fun. 

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The main celebration for my birthday came later, of course.  We took the train into Manhattan for dinner and a show.

What can I say about the musical Chicago?  Kander & Ebb music, Fossee dancing, jazz, murder, corruption, treachery, all those things we hold dear.  It's been playing on Broadway since forever, I'd heard the cast album many times, I'd seen the movie, but I'd never seen the stage production.  Drew saw the show many years ago, and he thought it was about time I saw it, too.  And get this, Bebe Neuwirth, who played Velma Kelly when this production opened in 1996, and who came back to play Roxie Hart later in the run, is now playing Mama Morton.  She's played all three female leads.  She is just amazing.

And then, dinner.  We went to the Hard Rock Cafe. There's something very exciting about being in the same room as all that rock memorabilia, videos playing -- we saw a variety of videos last night, including Zac Brown, Culture Club and even Dean Martin.  Yes, Dean Martin.  Drew had a strip steak, mashed potatoes and green beans, similar to what he had last time we were here.  And just as good.

My choice last night was something a bit different.  Macaroni and cheese -- creamy, but not too thick or gooey, cheese sauce enhanced by chopped red peppers (perhaps a bit too much of the red pepper), served with a grilled chicken breast and two large pieces of toasted garlic bread. The mac and cheese is also available as a side dish.  I'd definitely order it again.

No dessert, I was too full.  But I'm not done celebrating my birthday, and I'm sure there will be some cake in my future down the road.

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