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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Old Age Worries, Round Two

And once again we are dealing with the issues of an octogenarian.

This time it's Drew's uncle Marvin, his father's younger brother.

I've mentioned some of the issues before.

Marvin is 87 years old.  He and his wife never had children.  Several years ago, after his wife died, Marvin moved in with Drew's sister Shelley.  Shelley needed a roommate, someone to pay rent and utilities.  Shelley is not the type to be caring for an elderly relative. And that was fine when Marvin was still relative healthy, still employed and still independent.  Neither she nor Marvin has a lot of money, but together they could manage the rent and utilities on the house. Shelley cannot manage the rent without a roommate.

But in the last two years Marvin's health has deteriorated considerably.   He's been in and out of the hospital  and rehab several times.   He probably should be in assisted living.

Adult Protective Services has been involved since last summer. 

Last summer APS concerned about Marvin's physical well-being.  Shelley has been renting that house for many years, and she turned it into something out of an episode of Hoarders.  She wouldn't call the landlord to make repairs, because if he saw the  mess he would want to evict her.  Until APS showed up last August, along with officials  from the town, and made her clean up the mess and take her menagerie to the vet to be checked out.

And she  was mad at Marvin because he apparently said something to a doctor or nurse to trigger the interest of APS.

Last week Shelley told Drew that APS took over Marvin's finances.  Shelley had been handling the money under a Power of Attorney, but apparently someone at APS didn't like what they heard when they asked Shelley to account for Marvin's money.

I found out today that Marvin is back in the hospital.  Shelley posted it on Facebook, she didn't bother to call Drew to let him know. 

Right now Drew is glad APS, a neutral third party,  is involved, because he's worried about Marvin but he doesn't want to be confrontational with Shelley. 

This is not going to end well.

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