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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My most important function

I am a woman of many talents.  I play many roles -- mother, daughter, lover, friend, employee, volunteer.

But the most important function of all?

I know how to open a can of Fancy Feast cat food.

Or, at least, that's the thinking of three of my admirers.

Three feline admirers, as you might have guessed.

Mr. Kitty and Redford have a lot of people who feed them and take care of them.  It's no wonder they expect food from me, I've fed them often enough.

But Duchess?  She's a kitten.  She's Drew's kitten.  When he first brought her home I didn't want to feed her because I wanted her to bond with Drew.

But last weekend I gave her a can of Fancy Feast.

And now the little demon asks me to feed her.  She wraps herself around my ankles as if to say "Welcome to the staff."

What can I say?  I live to serve.

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