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Thursday, December 5, 2013

And yet another Greek place . . .

Found myself in East Meadow last night, running an errand in the same shopping center where Pita Lovers is located. 

The lure of felafel could not be overcome.

This is a storefront, meant primarily for take-out, with a handful of tables if you choose to eat there.

The felafel sandwich is very filling, no need for a side dish.  Felafel was light and crisp, salad was fresh, pita was soft and warm.    Next time, though, I will have to ask for extra tahini -- there simply wasn't enough on this sandwich. Broccoli cheddar soup was thin, not creamy, and had large chunks of broccoli.  Not bad but not memorable either.

They also serve souvlaki, burgers, etc.  Hummis sounded tempting.

It's no Souvlaki Palace.  But it's a nice place to grab a bite when Greece starts calling your name.

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