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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas festivities

All stereotypes, good, bad or indifferent, hold a grain of truth. 

What do Jews do on Christmas?   We go to the movies and eat Chinese food, of course. 

If it's good enough for Justice Kagan, it's good enough for me.

Yesterday Drew, and I and our friend Flo went to the movies.  First show of the day, reduced admission costs, popcorn for breakfast. 

We saw American Hustle.  Set in 1978, it's a fictionalized version of the ABSCAM scandal.   It's an interesting story of manipulation and moral ambiguity.  I barely remembered the scandal, had to Google it.  Political corruption at  its "best" -- the scam netted a mayor, several congressmen and even a US Senator.  Loved the nostalgia, the fashions and music of the 70's.

Later, a group of us went to dinner at Jani.  I'd never been to the Hicksville location before, though I've enjoyed numerous meals at the Wantagh and South Huntington locations.  This location is relatively small in comparison to their other restaurants, they actually had to open the party room to regular diners last night to accommodate the crowd.  Service was flawless, with a minor exception -- at the end of the meal the server neglected to ask if we wanted dessert before bringing us the bill.  But I seldom order dessert, and we had no interest in it last night.

Our meal was what we've come to expect from Jani.  Boneless ribs were succulent, steamed chicken dumplings were delicate and the sauce accompanying them was rich and flavorful.  Our favorite shrimp with honey walnuts,  sliced pork with vegetables.  The most interesting dish was three-flavor chicken, three different chicken dishes on the same platter.  Mu shu beef was ok, but next time I'll stick with the Peking beef -- similar dish, the strong flavor of hoisin sauce, but the Peking beef has more meat and fewer vegetables.  House special fried rice had a little bit of everything in it.  Food was hot, flavorful and filling -- four main dishes and the rice were enough for 5 people, with very little left over.

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