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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Comedy of Errors

I hold several licenses related to my employment.   My licenses have continuing education requirements.  NY employer periodically arranges all day symposiums to help us meet those requirements.

Today's session was set for 9:10 AM at our corporate headquarters in the Wall Street area.  My plan was to get to the office by 8:45, choose my seat and get my coffee well in advance of the start time.

Famous last words.

My plan was to catch either the 7:16 toi Brooklyn or the 7:21  to Penn Station and the take a subway to Wall Street.

Got to the station just as a train was leaving.  Thought it was the 7:16.  Turns out it was the 7:08, running late. 

Turns out the 7:16 has been cancelled and the 7:21 will make extra stops to accommodate those passengers - the Brooklyn train is a local and the NY train runs as an express, so our ride will take an extra 10 - 15 minutes.  And  the 7:21 is running 15 minutes late.

And the train is going to be super crowded, so I anticipated standing all the way to Penn.

Well, the transit gods were kind to me.  Despite the crowded conditions I got a seat on the train.  Didn't have to wait for the subway and actually got a seat. Arrived at our offices at 9:15 and to the classroom by 9:18. 

And the class hadn't started yet!  Technical issues.  Had time to find a seat and get my coffee before the lecture began.

As long as it ended well . . .

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