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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Steak and Sedaka

Tonight's dinner was at La Casa Latina.  We had eaten here several months ago, thanks to Groupon, and with another Groupon in hand tonight it was time for a second visit.  Our evening started with chilled sangria- sweet and refreshing- and crusty rolls.  We skipped an appetizer. He ordered a platter that contained shell steak, 1/4 roasted chicken (it looked wonderful!),  sausage, rice and beans.  I ordered Carne Asada, a NY strip steak accompanied by rice,  beans and sweet fried plantains.  Mine came with a salad - mostly romaine lettuce with a few tomatoes in a vinaigrette, nothing too exciting. I didn't care for the beans, he ate mine as well as his own.  My steak was perfect, though, and the rice was excellent.   The plantains were very sweet, a nice balance to the rest of the meal.  The dessert menu is very short  but the cheesecake flan - a firm custard served with fresh whipped cream and caramel sauce. . .was incredible.  Staff was very attentive.   We will be back. Then it was on to Westbury Music Fair a/k/a NYCB Theater at Westbury.  Question:  what do Barry Manilow, Neil Diamond and Neil Sedaka have in common, other than being successful singer/ songwriters? Two answers really. (1) All three are Jewish boys from Brooklyn. (2) We've seen all three in concert.  Manilow at Radio City in May, Diamond at Jones Beach in June and Sedaka tonight (prompting Drew to joke about "The old Jews tour. " Sedaka was amazing.   He sang songs from his first career, 1958-1963.  He sang songs from his second career in the 1970's.  He sang songs he wrote for other singers. He did ballads and rock n roll.  He sang a salsa piece he just wrote.  He did classical music.  And he brought down the house with "My Yiddishe Mama" - in Yiddish. Great concert. La Casa Latina on Urbanspoon

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