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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

British accents and Chinese food

So last night we saw Potted Potter at the Little Shubert Theater. This short show (only 70 minutes) started as street entertainment for the crowds outside bookstores waiting for the release of every Harry Potter novel. It's a kid-friendly parody, lots of wacky humor with a British accent.. The two performers interact with the audience. Loved it.
Thought about grabbing a bite in the theater district but wound up heading downtown to Chinatown, for an old favorite, Wo Hop. This place is a taste of old New York, a crowded, no-frills basement restaurant, open 24/7. At peak dining hours the line extends up the stairs and spills out onto Mott Street. Everything, including rice and crispy fried noodles, must be ordered from the menu.

The Cantonese dishes tend to be better than Szechuan. The cold sesame noodles had too much soy sauce and not enough sesame oil, and the sauce was much thinner than elsewhere. Honestly, not a dish I will order again. In most restaurants the fried dumplings are sauted in a wok, but here they come deep fried to a golden brown -- very good but very heavy. Drew always orders the 4D lo mein -- the lo mein noodles are buried beneath sliced pork, chicken, beef and shrimp. I ordered the sweet and pungent chicken -- instead of the bright orangy-red sauce you'd expect, this dish comes with a luscious yellow sauce to which (get this) sweet mix pickles have been added. There were pickle chips, cauliflower and even pearl onions in the sauce.

There's no dessert except fortune cookies, but you can always get some ice cream at the Haagen Dasz up the street.

Overall a pleasant night, but I am really dragging today . . .
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