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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our last night in the 18th century

Our evening began in Christiana Campbell's Tavern. I had eaten here years ago and loved it. And I still love it. Just like in the King's Arms the other night, the room was lit by candle power only. Our waitress encouraged us to tie the over sized napkins around our necks to protect our "finery". We toasted each other with King's Arms ginger ale -- that stuff is amazing. I ordered Mr. Jefferson's pea salet -- a salad of peas and granny smith apples in a mayonnaise- based dressing. Drew ordered the seafood stew appetizer. Both were excellent. Our bread basket contained dinner rolls and these incredible sweet potato muffins. The cabbage slaw was a bit bland. We both chose the seafood fricassee entree, delicious shrimp, scallops and lobster served over pasta, accompanied by spoon bread. Yes, spoon bread. Too full to order dessert, of course. But you don't go to Campbell's solely for the food. Mrs. Campbell, upon hearing we were from New York, told us we were welcome to stay in Williamsburg until the British left our city. Then she led the room in a toast to General Washington. She was followed by a musician who sang ballads and played the flute and guitar. Later we walked over to Shields Tavern for the Ghost Walk. This is one of the few programs that doesn't involve costumed interpreters. We walked to several sites in the historic area, where our group leader told us about the ghosts that were allegedly seen there. And now we are safely back in our snug little house. On the morrow we return to New York. Christiana Campbell's Tavern on Urbanspoon

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