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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jamestown part 2 - Historic Jamestowne

This site is a national park, owned and operated by the federal government.  I guess that accounts for the number of times we were told "There's a heat advisory, stay cool and hydrated."

This is the site of the original Jamestown.  Part working  archeological site, part monument.  The park ranger gave his talk in a cool, comfortable auditorium.  He told us all about recent archeological findings.  Showed us a picture of Captain Jack Sparrow then told us about the real pirates and privateers who sailed these waters.  Jamestown was part profit center for the Virginia Company and part military installation against Spanish interests in the New World.

Outside, we looked at the obelisk erected in honor of the Jamestown settlers and the statue of Pocahontas.  By now I've got "Colors of the Wind" playing in my head.  Inside the church there are plaques dedicated to Pocahontas and to John Smith, and there's a statue of John Smith on the waterfront.  You can also see the archeologists working next to the church.  Further up the path is the archeological museum.

Bought myself a great sweatshirt in the gift shop.  It says "Jamestown 1607, when surviving wasn't a game."

By the time we got back to the car we felt fried.  And no wonder!  The dash board thermometer read 103*.

We stopped briefly at the glassblower's house.  Much cooler there, under the trees, with a breeze coming in off the water.  We briefly watched a glassblowing demonstration before heading for the gift shop.  I bought a green glass paperweight.  It reads "Jamestown 1607-2012".  I have similar paperweights from 1996 and 1974.

It was 3:30 when we decided to head back to Williamsburg.

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