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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


You didn't really think we'd spend the whole vacation in the 18th century?

The history geeks took a break today as we headed to Busch.  I won't do large roller coasters, I let Drew do those by himself.

Loved Escape From Pompeii, a log flume ride that takes you through that Roman town after the volcano has blown.  Got drenched on Roman Rapids (every amusement park has a ride like this.   Embarrassed that I couldn't board their version of the pirate shio called the Battering Ram (inspiration to start a diet) but loved DaVinci's Cradle, which is similar.  Loved Darkastle, which I called "Disney's Haunted Mansion on steroids" (the technology is more like Universal's Spiderman.)

Lunch in "Germany"  - huge hot dogs wrapped in pretzels.

Bad moment of the day - Drew went to get our stuff out of a locker while I went to the restroom.  And got lost.  And he had my cell phone.  He found me just as I was starting to panic.

No, wait.  . .second disaster of the day was the mustard that spilled all over Drew's backpack.  Not fun.

Drew loved Verbolten and Alpengeist.  Mach Machine and the log flume were closed.  The bumper cars - put them on the "not worth it" list.  Then it was the train from New France to Scotland so Drew could ride The Loch Ness Monster.

Next up - Europe in the Air.  Reminded me of Soarin' at EPCOT - Imax film and moving seats.  A tour of the countries represented at the park.

We wanted to take the Skyride but it was closed.   Walked to England for the 4D pirate movie - slapstick comedy in the "Home Alone" style with 3D images and other special effects.

I stayed in England to shop while Drew walked back to France to ride Griffon.

Got him a t shirt that says "I conquered" and lists all the roller coasters in the park.

I'm thinking we're going to call it a day when he gets back.

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