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Saturday, July 7, 2012

My spidey sense is tingling

Saw the new Spiderman movie tonight. It's a reboot, they go back to the beginning - Peter Parker in high school, getting bitten, learning his new superpowers. Not as good as the Toby McGuire version, but definitely a fun movie. Highlights are Martin Sheen and Sally Field as the aunt and uncle. Dr. Connor's tower looked exactly like Tony Stark's tower in "The Avengers" (different facade but the same shape). Stan Lee was wonderful in his cameo role as a teacher. The man must really be enjoying himself this summer, his characters are destroying NYC in two hot movies. There's a bonus scene midway through the credits. Don't leave until you see it. Afterwards we wound up at Denny's. Food here is cheap and plentiful. Tonight I had the meatball sub, which was flavorful and filling. I like the waffle cut fries. They were not hot this time but still ok. Got the Denny's app and with it a coupon for a free soft drink. Not bad. The rest of our party ordered breakfast foods -- breakfast is available 24/7. And yes, they do have sugar free pancake syrup, but you have to ask for it. As always, part of our order was left in the kitchen and the waitress had to go back for it. But she was quick to check on us and refill our drinks. Overall an ok experience. We come here often and we will be back. Denny's on Urbanspoon

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