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Saturday, July 10, 2010

summer camp stories

so Jen is back at work at the day camp. yesterday she left the house at 6:30 AM so that she (along with a few other counselors) could set things up for the camp's special event, "pop culture day". and she even dressed up as Lady GaGa, can you imagine that?

and then, later in the day, I was eating a pice of pound cake. a simple piece of poundcake. you know the kind, individually wrapped in cellophane, with the pan liner still attached to the bottom and sides of the slice. and I had a flashback to my own days at day camp.

my dad worked at the day camp every summer from 1960 through 1972. and my sisters and I were lucky enough be be campers there every summer.

one of our "special events" was the cookout, which was held on alternate Fridays throughout the summer. the counselors grilled hot dogs and hamburgers for the kids. and we all got pound cake for dessert.

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