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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

feeling the loss

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I first met Dr. G the day Jen was born.

I hadn't had time to choose a pediatrician, I had thought about it I was in the delivery room with my brand-new daughter and my obstetrician told the nurse "call Dr. G."

And thus began a long and wonderful relationship. Over the years my daughters saw other doctors -- doctors who covered for Dr. G when he was unavailable, ER doctors for emergencies, specialists ... but Dr. G remained their primary care physician.

He's truly a wonderful man, gentle and understanding. He knows how to treat children, and their parents.

He knew the girls well. Knew where they went to school. Knew their hobbies, their likes and dislikes.

Hearing his voice over the phone was so soothing to a stressed and frazzled mother. He wasn't just a doctor, he was a friend and confidante.

He kept photos of all of his patients on a bulletin board in his office.

In the March 2009, when Jen was a college freshman, she visited the health clinic at school for some minor ailment....the doctor there was scary...gave us all the impression things were far worse than reality. I made her come home and see Dr. G. (I loved the fact that she could drive herself to the pediatrician's office for her appointment!) Turns out there was nothing wrong with her.

But Dr. G told her "I can continue to be your doctor all through your college years, I treat my patients until they're 21. Call me any time if you need me."

but two months later, in May 2009, I got a letter saying he'd closed up his practice. No reason was given.

We haven't, thank G-d, had a medical issue since then. Jen had an ER visit last sumer (turned out to be nothing) and a trip to the school infirmary (more nothing) but Becca hasn't had so much as a scratch.

But now Becca is getting ready for college. She needs her immunization records. She needs a physical. She needs a menengitis vaccine.

And so, for the first time in her life, Becca will have a primary care doctor who is not a pediatrician, who hasn't known her since the day she was born.

One more piece of her childhood is gone...

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