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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

so they've started to make lists....

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summer has just barely begun, andyet it's time now to think about the fall.

it's an exciting time for Becca, as she compiles a list of all the things she will need for college. her freshman living quarters will be not be a conventional dorm, but rather, she'll be in an on-campus apartment. she hasn't received her official hosuing assignment yet, so she doens' tknow whether she'll be ina two-bedroom or three-bedroom apartment. the college has provided her with a list of all the things she will need for her bedroom, plus a suggested list of things she and her roommates might want for their living room and kitchen. I see a lot of shopping in her future.

entering her junior year, Jen is an "old pro" at college life. but this year she's making an interesting transition from dorm to off-campus housing. she has all the things from her dorm room, and the house they've rented is completely furnished, but there are still a few items she will need.

you know, i planted a couple of quarters in the back yard, but so far the money tree hasn't started to grow. anyone want to offer a few ideas on how to make that money tree grow? I have a feeling I am going to need it!!!

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