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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Wonder Woman

I think Chris Pine is adorable, and I love Gal Gadot's accent, so I was looking forward to seeing Wonder Woman.

I was not disappointed.  

The movie begins with Diana Prince in Paris, circa 2016.  Bruce Wayne has sent her a photo, showing Wonder Woman with some comrades during World War I.  It's the photo we saw in Bateman vs. Superman.  Wayne asks "Who are you, really?"

The rest of the movie is told in flashbacks, as Diana recounts her origins on Paradise Island and her journey to war-torn Europe.

Lots of action, lots of fighting and combat, as you'd expect in a superhero movie.  Some lessons in Greek mythology.  Some serious female empowerment.  Gentle humor.  And romance.

And at the center, philosophy.  The nature of humanity.  Is mankind inherently good or evil?  

Go see it, you'll enjoy.


peppylady (Dora) said...

I think us human has a side of evil and good...But we have free will to make a choice...Coffee is on

Liz A. said...

The more good things I hear about it, the more I'm sure I'll be disappointed. It's like it's been built up so much it can't possibly live up to expectations.

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