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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Do you swim?

Just got back from a swim in the community pool.  Drew gets a pass to the pool every year.  He's not much of a swimmer, but he knows I love it.

I learned to swim when I was a child.  My dad, a teacher, earned extra money in the summertime at a day camp, and my sisters and I attended the camp.  Campers went swimming twice a day -- one period of swimming instruction, and one period of free swim.

After my dad stopped working at the camp, my parents decided to put a pool in the back yard -- an in-ground pool, complete with filter, heater, diving board ... hours of summer fun, pool parties...

But pools are expensive, and require a lot of labor.  the last time we opened the pool for the season was 2011.  My father got sick in 2012, and we never opened the pool that summer.  Or the summer after that.  Or the one after that.

I joined the JCC this year, and I have access to their indoor pool.  It's great. But it's not the same as swimming outside, seeing the sun reflecting on the water, enjoying a hot summer day.

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Liz A. said...

Yeah, but the pool at the JCC means you don't have to do the upkeep. That's major.

I have access to three pools. My father has one. My brother has one. And the place I live has two. The last time I went in a pool? 1994-ish.

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