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Monday, February 6, 2017

Patriots Day

There seem to have been a lot of films recently that are based on true stories -- Sully, Deepwater Horizon, and now, Patriot's Day.

You recall, when we saw Sully back  in September, that I told you I had actually seen Sully's plane in the Hudson River.  (my review).  Then in October, I told you about my career in environmental law and my connection to the Deepwater Horizon disaster (read about it here.)

Well, I'm not from Boston.  I've visited the city numerous times, it's a great place for a tourist, but I am not a Bostonian.  And I'm not a fan or the Boston Marathon, just not the kind of sport that interests me.  I guess my connection to the events of April 15, 2013 is the same as every American's -- we watched it all unfold on TV, and in social media.    And it was only 4 years ago, our collective memories are still strong. 

the movie is fast paced, the camera often shooting from the point of view of one of the characters.  We meet most of the main characters a day or so before the bombing, as they go about their lives -- a cop who will be at the marathon's finishing line, spectators who will be injured by the blasts, the MIT cop who will later be shot by the fleeing bombers, the Chinese student whose car will be hijacked.  We also see the bombers at home, engaged in ordinary, family activity as they also plan their heinous act. 

I found myself remembering all the details ... I found myself crying during the scenes at the marathon...and after the story ended, when the filmmaker included interviews with the real people whose lives were portrayed on the screen, I nearly lost it. 

Boston Strong.

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