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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

a short month -- but very full

Sigh...we say goodbye to February today.

It's been a very full month.

With Drew's birthday, my birthday and Valentine's Day, we did a lot of celebrating.  If you join loyalty programs from chain restaurants, you get all sorts of discounts and free items for your birthday, and we took full advantage of what we were offered. A little self-indulgent, I know, but we enjoyed it.  Though my weight loss plan took a real hit...I am back on the straight and narrow now...

We saw a lot of movies, too.   We enjoy the movie theater experience, and we wanted to see all the "important" films before the Oscar presentations.  No, we didn't see "everything", but it sure felt like we did.  What a wild Oscar night, though.  Some politics, of course.  And an ending like no other ....people will remember the La La Land fiasco for years to come.

Live performances --  Drew and I saw Lewis Black, and I went to the NYC Ballet with a friend.  I don't know much about ballet, but I'm learning.  Full report to follow.

I picked an interesting time to re-join the JCC, but the change from Planet Fitness has been good for me -- more options, more choices, it keeps my level of interest high. Yoga, the's great.

I've been busy with my political activities as well.  At the behest of my Planned Parenthood volunteer coordinator, I showed up at a Town Hall where we dealt with an "empty chair" because a Republican Congressman didn't show up.  And I volunteered at a Democratic Congressman's Town Hall, which gave me about 30 seconds of fame on the local cable news.

I haven't been as attentive to my charitable volunteer efforts, which kept me busy most of January, but there are several projects coming up in March.

The family?

Drew has been dealing with some significant medical issues.  It has gotten to the point where he posted on Facebook (he never posts on Facebook) to let all his friends know what's going on.  His doctor is thinking about referring him to a specialist in Philadelphia.... it sucks getting old, doesn't it?

Lots going on with Becca.  Her boyfriend just moved to the city, and she's excited to be able to spend more time with him.  They're going to Jamaica in a few weeks.  She's also looking for a new roommate, her current roommate will be moving out when the lease ends in August.

I'm not always sure about what's happening with Jen.  She's not happy with her job, but she doesn't know which way to go to change things.  sigh.  After the break-up and make-up at New Year's, she and her boyfriend seem to be OK together.  For now.

And the girls are planning a trip together to Disneyworld.  I guess all those trips we took as a family made an impression.  Yes, I raised two "Disney Princesses", didn't I?

I'm worried about my mom.  Dementia is not fun....but what can you do?

So now, on to March...and the  promise of spring.

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Liz A. said...

Maybe an interesting time to rejoin the JCC, but probably the right time as well. Sounds like you had a busy month.

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