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Monday, September 12, 2016

Yoga? YES!

So I've been playing around with yoga and mindfulness for awhile, using DVD's and apps to explore the topics.

It's time to take the next step. 

I have always been nervous about taking a formal exercise class.  The reason I like Planet Fitness is because I can move at my own pace.  And yes, I am a klutz.

But on one of my recent trips to the beach, I noticed a yoga class, they had their mats spread out on the sand.  And none of them were amazingly graceful.  they were just there to enjoy themselves.

Our local high school offers several continuing education courses that re fitness-oriented:  power walking, Zumba, ballroom dancing.

And two classes that sounded so very interesting. 

Class #1, "Yoga", meets at 6:00 PM on Thursdays.  This Yoga class will provide physical benefits by creating a toned, flexible and strong body while improving respiration, energy and vitality.  This classical form of Yoga will also help you relax, quiet your mind and handle stressful situations more easily, as well as learn positive thoughts and self-acceptance in a non-competitive environment.  This class is suitable for the beginner student, as well as the advanced student, and will consider the individual needs of each.

Class #2, an hour later and taught by the same instructor, is called "Relaxation and Breathing Techniques".  The description of the class:  How often do you take time to relax?  Like most of us, probably not enough time.  Here is a great opportunity to treat yourself to a mini vacation of letting go into a state of deep relaxation.  We will start class with breathing techniques to clear stress in the mind and tension in the body, followed by guided relaxation techniques that teach you to reach  a state of rest and rejuvenation.  We cultivate a comfortable atmosphere using relaxing music, lighting and auto suggestion that supports your transformation.

I mailed the registration materials and my check this morning.  First class is September 29.

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