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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

the construction site next door

So our long-time neighbors became empty nesters, put their house on the market and moved away.  the house sat empty for a few months, and finally a young couple with a three year old son bought the house.

They haven't moved in yet.  Instead, they've decided on a massive project to alter and redesign the house and property.    The house they bought was virtually identical to ours -- a traditional center hall colonial built in the late 1960's.  They've gutted the interior and taken off all the siding and shingles, they plan an expansion upstairs.  they're regrading the property, cutting down trees, and have plans to put in a pool.

And right now there's a port-a-potty sitting in the middle of their front lawn. Just lovely. 

So they're having work done, we all have to grin and bear it...

Except that the town enforcement officials have been here a few times already. They didn't have the proper permits to re-grade the land or to cut down trees -- and that affects the adjacent properties. (We had flooding problems a few years ago  after our neighbor across the street re-graded their lot and cut down a bunch of trees.) And the town had to tell them they couldn't do construction work on Saturdays.

Not exactly a way to endear yourselves to your new neighbors.


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bookworm said...

Lovely. HGTV disease has claimed another victim. Or, rather, several, as your new neighbors are victims, too. I can hardly wait (not) to sell our home. I've already been through another type of HGTV disease with selling my mother in law's home. Ugh is all I will say (and, my sympathies. That kind of stuff rarely happens up here where I live in the Binghamton area). At least for now. We are always so behind.... Alana

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