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Sunday, September 11, 2016

15 years

The students in this year's high school freshman class weren't even born when it happened. To them, it's part of history, not something that happened to them.

For the rest of us ...

Where were you 15 years ago today? On that bright, sunny Tuesday when everything changed?

I'd spent most of my professional life in lower Manhattan and Jersey City. On 2/26/1993 I'd watched the fire in the Twin Towers from across the Hudson. But on 9/11/2001 my office was on Long Island. Even so, my boss was in Manhattan that day, for a court appearance at 60 Centre Street, a case that he could easily have assigned to me. It was pure luck that I wasn't in Manhattan that day. Pure luck that I didn't see the planes hit the towers, that I didn't see the horrors that followed, that I didn't have to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to get to safety.

I watched the events unfold on TV, watched the chaos take place on familiar streets from the security of our office break room.

I'm an insurance attorney. On Wednesday, while most of the country was still recovering from the shock, I was fielding coverage questions.

On Friday I had an appearance in federal court in Brooklyn. I took the railroad to Brooklyn that day, and oh how I wanted to believe that the reason I couldn't see the Twin Towers from the train was because it was raining ...

And after I took care of court business, I walked to the Promenade and took my first look at post-attack Manhattan, shrouded in smoke. Oseh shalom bimromav hu ya aseh shalom aleinu  l'al kol Yisroel v'imru amen . I prayed for peace.

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