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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

another this and that

So, with Labor Day behind us, we've turned the page, it's "fall".

It's cloudy today, a bit  windy, with a chance of rain.  the remnants of Hurricane Hermine, the storm that wasn't.  The storm was supposed to hit us in the middle of the weekend, but fortunately it blew out to sea.

My biggest storm concern was about Jen and her boyfriend.  Matt had a summer job, tending bar on Fire Island every weekend.  I had visions of a hurricane party on a deserted Fire Island, but no...Jen and some of her friends went over to the bar Saturday, but came home Saturday night.  Matt decided to honor the voluntary evacuation, and came home before the ferries stopped running. 

Drew's barbecue was fun. A very small group this year, and way too much food, but we all enjoyed. 

My mom's birthday was Sunday.  We had a family dinner -- my sister cooked, there were flowers on the table, we had cake from Reinwald's and cookies and pastries from Dortoni.  Mom wore a tiara.  It was a good day.

Felice and Andrea celebrate their birthday tomorrow. I'm not sure what the plans are.

I'm disappointed in my weight loss efforts.  My weight has gone up and down these last few weeks  I weigh the same today as I did on August 1.  It's time to get back on track.  Back to the gym tonight.   I need to lose 7.5 pounds before October 22 if I want to meet my mini goal. 

The mini goal is to reach a certain weight before my Caribbean cruise.  Drew and I will be sailing to the Western Caribbean, making port at Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Cozumel and Royal Caribbean's private island.  After the cruise we're spending a few days with friends who live in Tampa.  Yes, I'm a bit excited.

I'd better get busy...

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Suzanne said...

Nice itinerary! The promoter who does my cruises seems to always stick us with Cozumel or Nassau. Have yet to see any other ports outside the US!

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