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Monday, September 22, 2014

Roommate troubles -- again

Seems like Drew and his roommate are at odds again. Drew thought the problem was resolved a few months ago, when Marc agreed to a payment plan to pay off his debt to Drew. I thought otherwise.

Sure enough, when Drew reminded Marc two weeks ago that money was due, Marc had a hissy fit, stormed upstairs and acted like he's the victim here. We are back to the hermit crab hiding in his room. He waits for Drew to leave the house before coming downstairs to use the kitchen. Does his laundry at the laundromat instead of using the washing machine in the house. Hasn't done any of the chores he's supposed to do around the house, leaves everything for Drew. the lawn hasn't been mowed in three weeks, the landlord is going to be upset. Drew is planning to do it next weekend.

Drew is seriously considering throwing Marc out. It's like living in the middle of the Cold War, on the edge, waiting for open hostilities to erupt.

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