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Friday, September 19, 2014

National Cheeseburger Day!

And in honor of the occasion, I chose to have a burger from a real burger joint.

Clarke's Standard, brought to you by the same folks as P. J. Clarke's Restaurant, is a kitschy little place, a sort of scaled-down Johnny Rocket's. My chief complaint, I am apparently, at five feet tall, vertically challenged. Example, all of the seating is on bar stools, not regular chairs. Not necessarily comfortable for someone like me. I had to stand on my toes and stretch a bit in order to pump ketchup at the condiments bar. Someone was just not thinking about accessibility. I opted to take my burger "to go."

The menu is typical of a burger joint -- burgers, chicken, hot dogs. Fries, onion rings. Milkshakes and ice cream. You order at the counter and wait until your name is called to pick up your food.

Place was fairly busy during lunch hour, but not overwhelmingly so, and my order was filled promptly.

So, the food. I ordered a standard cheeseburger -- a medium burger topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato and standard sauce. It's a decent burger, but lacks a "wow" factor. The shoestring fries were crisp and tasty, but a bit too salty. Spicy ketchup was very thick, like tomato paste, and has an off taste, but regular ketchup was just fine.

Overall, a pleasant lunch. Decent burger, tasty fries. Not a destination restaurant, but a nice place to grab a quick lunch.

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Suzanne said...

We have Burger21 here, they offered free cheeseburger coupons for the 17th-19th. Didn't get there Thursday, went last night.

Good burgers. :)

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