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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Julep Maven -- September box

I received my September box the other day.

Unlike most subscription boxes, Julep tells you what's in your box before it ships, and you have an opportunity to swap out any item you don't like. I swapped a nail color. My box contained two nail colors -- Mary Lee and Mahima, and a plush pout lip crayon in almond nude creme, which is a bit darker in person than it appeared on the website.

I like what was in the box.

But . . .

The nail Polish is very expensive and is about the same quality as a drugstore brand. How it wears depends more on the skill of the technician than on the quality of the polish.

And while I love polish, two bottles of polish per month is a lot for me. My dresser is starting to look like a nail salon.

So I think I'll be discontinuing my subscription soon.

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