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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

OMG, this is where it happened!!!!

Becca and I have been taking the train home together several days a week. Our usual train is the 5:53, which routinely leaves from Track 18.

The other day, she noticed that the gap between the train and the platform was wider than normal, and jokingly said to me "Be careful, you don't want to lose a shoe."

And I realized "OMG, this is where it happened!"

She was very young, probably about 3 or 4 years old. My sisters and I had taken Jen and Becca into the city, probably to see a show.

We were getting on the train to go home, and I was holding Becca's hand. I told her to take a big step, to step over the gap and onto the train. I didn't want her to fall into the gap, to fall several feet down to the tracks and get stuck between the train and the platform.

But she didn't listen.

They say that stress and fear cause your adrenaline levels to rise, giving you moments of strength you didn't know you had. I guess that's true, because as I felt Becca falling into the gap, I pulled her onto the train with just one hand.

And as I stood there, hugging my child as if I could never let go, I started babbling about how she lost a shoe.

You can always buy another pair of shoes. That precious child, however, could never be replaced.

It's good to be able to joke about it now.

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